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IMPAC Privacy Policy

Independent Management of Properties and Communities, Inc. (IMPAC)

Privacy Policy Updated 10/20/2012   

IMPAC is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals.

Information is obtained only for specified and lawful purposes and is not
processed in any incompatible manner.

Information is kept current (where necessary) and accurate.


IMPAC maintains a high level of security in relation to data. Data and documentation is maintained to a high standard, and access to data is at all times restricted to appropriate staff and Board Directors.

Sharing or Transference of Data

Access to data is at all times restricted to appropriate staff.  IMPAC will not trade, sell, release, share or transfer your personal information for use by any business outside the IMPAC organization without consent or instruction by the individual or the Board of Directors.


Under some circumstances IMPAC may be required by law enforcement or judicial authorities to provide personal information as required by law to the appropriate government authorities.


IMPAC  has provided its employees with appropriate training to ensure that all those who process personal data are fully aware of their individual responsibilities and of management's objectives with respect to data protection.


We do not collect personally identifiable information from visitors 15 years or younger.

Privacy Policy Changes

IMPAC reserves the right to modify or amend this privacy policy. For instance, this privacy policy may need to change as new legislation is introduced or as it is amended. Changes to IMPAC’S privacy policy will be posted on this Web site. We recommend that you review this policy from time to time.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this online privacy policy @ [email protected] .




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